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Essential Retail Services is "YOUR TECHNICAL COMPANY"!

We take pride in our Administration Team to facilitate within the Technical Trades, and to ensure you receive the many benefits in management of these very involved trade industries.

We are a licensed Contractor! We provide National Coverage (with a Technician residing within 30 miles of any location) anywhere within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico!

We employ technically trained personnel to administer, direct, and communicate to all parties within the many TECHNICAL TRADES of the Retail business. We can deliver and understand the field requirements, provide immediate communication to you with detail and support for the scope of work without back and forth delays. We deliver the right response the first time!!

As a contractor, we understand how to coordinate local code compliances, permits, available energy rebates, analyze product choices, Green Adherence, and how to work with you in obtaining the many available benefits to you. We provide the Consultation Team in Administrating Technical Trade Services!

Essential Retail Services - Service Trades



We understand HVAC requires pressures, temperatures, voltages, and is performed on the roof where management is out of sight, and requires a true understanding to be able to monitor compliance. Pre-Qualifying, Form Completion Details, Spot Checking, 2nd Opinions, Consulting, detailed PM Programs, and extensive Communication are a few of the methods used to understand proper performance and proper completion.

  1. We understand Lighting Programs, Lamp Life Expectancy, Wash & Lamp Replacement Programs, Lamp quantity purchasing and floor inventories, and more...
  2. We understand Electrical Service, Voltages, Amps, and Labor requirements.
  3. We understand Plumbing Service, without flat rate pricing!
  4. We understand repairs can be measured in time, and can deliver the right price for the services rendered.

We understand Doors & Glass & Locks. We are available for any emergency or breakage, or a required change of the door locks. We provide 24-hour access for an immediate temporary repair and follow-up with your approval for a final repair.

  1. We understand the cost savings and the benefits associated with Handyman Services.
  2. We provide most minor repairs, surface refinishing, case repairs, or specialty services.
  3. We understand the Technical Requirements within each Trade. As a licensed Contractor, we manage our Technicians daily, and can work with each of our National Companies to deliver the same performance and with our own Technicians.
  4. We provide you a single source that can deliver the right Administration and Communication to all parties to immediately complete all services!