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ERS maintains company Contractors Licenses' in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas using direct Company Employed Technicians.

ERS maintains an extensive National Service Network to provide "local" Service within 30 miles anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

Here is what makes ERS different...

ERS provides you a Single Source for National HVAC, Lighting, Electrical, Plumbing, Doors, Glass, Locks, Handyman, and any other Technical Coverage thru it's own Company Direct Employed Technicians and a Service Affiliate Network, with Companies "local" to your store location.

Local Representation means No Travel Time, No Scheduling Delays, No Overtime, Local Inventory, Immediate Completion, and a Local Pride in Workmanship. Our commitment to an extensive "local" network out performs all other National Service Vendors.

No Broker Fees, Admin Fees, or Mark-Ups!

  1. We are not a broker and we are not a Consolidator, we are a Contractor, with invoices at contractor direct pricing.

Pre-established Labor Standards

  1. Replacement Standards are maintained nationally.
  2. Condenser Fan Motor 1-2 hrs, Compressors 6-8 hrs, Lighting: Ballast Replacements 20 minutes, Wash & Re-lamp 15 minutes per fixture, as an average.

Technical Administration

Our staff is Technically Trained to give the right direction in the field ensuring immediate communication to all parties, and to administer the right approvals.

ERS has over 20 years working within the Retail Industry

  1. We know IVR, Software Uploading, Spreadsheet Invoicing, and Communication at all levels. We've been doing this long enough that we've seen it all, and can handle it all.

National Purchasing Power

  1. We purchase new parts and Units directly.
  2. We receive volume purchasing power, and purchase direct, without contractor or broker mark-ups. We know the best national distributor to receive the best pricing.

National Part Locator - We have access to all parts Nationally!

  1. We do not rely on the local availability. As a Contractor, we search Nationally to locate and then overnight the part to your store.

Five (5) Year Labor & Material Warranty on new Units (HVAC only)!

  1. Portable Coolers & Heaters are available for longer-term part procurement on HVAC jobs.
  2. Turnaround Completion Time is excellent, as we work hard to locate and deliver the part along with local service, in completing each service request.
  3. Technical Resources to ensure compliance with OSHA Regulations, Rebates, Green Effect, Energy Conservation, and more. We have the consulting expertise to assist you in attaining the right Energy services.
  4. New Stores & Remodels - We provide a 3rd party Start Up Store Survey of the Equipment to ensure installation compliance, or to provide a due diligence prior to leasing.

Here's where our communication is different!

One National Account Manager - Unlike many service companies, you're not just another nameless face in the crowd. You have a personal contact that is involved in your company in every aspect. Copied on all communication, and kept abreast of what's going on, your Account Manager knows everything that's going on.

Status Department Team - Tracks labor arrival to ensure ETA's are met. They are separate from the Call Center, to add manpower to track the initial arrival in meeting the IVR requirements, then monitors the progress thru completion. The discuss performance with the MOD Manager on Duty, and report "daily" to you of all open calls, completed calls, and quotes awaiting approval. The "Daily Status Report" is emailed each day to you for all work in progress, and as completed.

PM Department Team  (Tracks progress of all PM's) - They provide you a periodic report of each store and progress fro completion. Sent to you bi-monthly, each store is listed, the scheduled, the completed, and the invoiced dates are shown within the spreadsheet columns, as each stores progress. You can monitor all the stores from a single spreadsheet, allowing us to report to you!

Project Team - Quotations are turnaround within the same day, or within a 24-hour period! As a Contractor, we do not wait on the local company, or a technician. We estimate as providing the work direct! There are no delays.

Quotations - Please forward any competitive scope of work for a free quotation. Just blank out your pricing, we will estimate in house, and return a competitive Quotation back to you, without delay, within 24 hours. We do not need to visit your store, unless a 2nd opinion is required.

Software Access - Retention can be provided within our software and a login/password extended to you for access. We have an Interactive Website for your access.

We can use your software and provide all uploading. We are familiar with all software's, including Service Channel, FM Pilot, XING, and more.

PM Programs (Stores can be added or deleted at anytime) - Our PM Service Report requires logging of pressures, Temperature, and Voltages. This requires an EPA Certified Technician. We do not use Apprentices.

Consulting - We provide alternative solutions to complex repairs. We provide pricing to accomplish your expectations, lease obligations, and more. We extend options for minor expense along with the most practical approach.

Not knowing who we are and what we do, we are a Technical Contractor with staffing to Technically work with the many Filed Technicians and effectively communicate to you, the first time! Try us today and see the difference!! Send us a job, and you'll be impressed... We know what we're doing.