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Essential Retail Services - Pricing

Essential Retail Services provides our customers with contract direct pricing and a single form invoice process. The right program is tailored to meet each customer's preference.



  1. ERS provides a direct contractor published price for most services, less a discount!
  2. Our Contractor provides us a discount from their normal resale pricing.
  3. Our price is normally much lower than if our Retailer went to our Contractor direct!
  4. We pass on a discount, with our pricing much lower than our Contractors normal resale.
  5. We invoice as a contractor, whether we provide the service directly, or the services are contracted through service affiliates.
  6. We itemize all labor and material charges, so all costs are identified.
  7. We provide one national labor rate for most areas, whether we provide the services directly, or the services are contracted through our service affiliates.
  8. We provide materials with a discount off the published Contractor Resale Pricing.
  9. SUMMARY: Our Customers receive one labor rate, materials are discounted, and all invoices are itemized; offering a lower net price than direct purchasing!


  1. ERS provides our Customers the option of a single spreadsheet invoice for all services, or by service type, or by amount, and can contain any information requested.
  2. The invoice is itemized and identifies all labor and material charges.
  3. The Field Work Order is attached to each invoice to identify the work provided.
  4. The invoice and Field Work Order can be scanned and uploaded to our Customers Software Program.
  5. Invoices can be forwarded to meet any monthly date required.