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The HVAC System Consumes 40%-60% Of Your Energy

  1. 1/32 of soot reduces boiler efficiency by 10%
  2. Dirty condenser coils can increase consumption by 36%-63%
  3. Miscalibration of thermostat by just 2 degrees can increase consumption by 20%
  4. 1/32 of condenser scale can increase consumption by 20%
  5. A loose fan belt can up energy by 5%
  6. The U.S.N.B.S. estimates that typical maintenance practices cause the waste of 30%-40% of purchased utilities!


Dirty Filters

  1. The solution is to replace filters during the Preventive Maintenance visit.

Dirty Condenser Coil

  1. The solution is to wash the condenser coils during the PM Service. By including the cleaning in the Spring Start-Up it will save the cost of an additional service call and will make sure it is done during spring, prior to the cooling season.

Condensate Drain Pans Clogged And Dirty

  1. The solution is to have the drain pans washed and algae tablets added during the Spring Start-Up. This will save the cost of additional service calls for water leaks.


  1. On average, belts need to be changed one time per year. Our suggestion is to have the belts changed during the Spring Preventive Maintenance and eliminate breakdowns during the year.

Evaporative Coil Washed

  1. The solution is to leave this out of the original preventive maintenance price and let the technician decide as to the need or not since this is an extensive cleaning and should be done only when needed. Manufacturers suggest every 3-5 years.

Bearing Need Lubricated

  1. The solution is to lubricate the bearings quarterly to protect unnecessary wearing. This will be done at each maintenance, and will be included in the maintenance cost.

Freon Levels Low

  1. The solution is to verify proper levels at time of preventive maintenance. This will reduce callbacks.

New Condenser Fan Motors

  1. Condenser Fan Motors will cost an average part replacement of $300.00 2-3 hours labor)

New Blower Motors

  1. Blower motors will cost an average of $600.00 (4-6 hours labor)

New Compressors

  1. The solution is to check compressor for ample draw at maintenance. The average cost of a 5-ton compressor is $1,600.00 (6-8 hours labor)

New Units

  1. The average cost of a new 5-ton unit is $5,500.00, Carrier, Trane, Lennox, etc. This will depend if the units are replaced like for like. Should the unit need to be modified due to age, curb adapters, or is a down shot, then additional costs may be necessary.