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Wednesday, 17 March 2010 11:23
Essential Retail Services - Consulting Services Our management team provides the task force to visit with you and discuss various opportunities to measure and improve your operating performance. We understand the importance to go beyond the normal partnership by serving as your consultant! We will provide an onsite visit at your office to discuss and explore many areas, which will reduce energy costs, and much more. Our goal will be to identify and establish measurable data, generate the detail to support the review process, and then deliver the results.

As your consultant, we provide the labor and resources, which is so time consuming to many Retailers. We serve as your single source, trained to organize, report, and effectively oversee the consulting process. This is our business and our consulting services team is ready to serve you!


When signing up with Essential Retail Services, your company is given an enlightenment of a fearful sort... a Management Consulting Service Team! Our staff offers the Retailer methods to reduce their energy consumption by 15%-20% every month and extend the life of their equipment by the same percentage!!! The only thing you'll question yourself about is why you didn't use us sooner. We will seek 12 months prior utility bills, per store, and input the data into our computer data base program. We will ask for new results during the following months, and input the data into our computer data base program. We will provide a complete HVAC energy overview, by store, showing the net reduction in energy spending. It is our goal to demonstrate the PM Program works to save in energy consumption. One of the many areas, which will reduce energy usage, and unquestionably the most important, begins with a good maintenance program. A few examples of PM opportunities include:

Validated Condenser Coil Cleaning: Saves 30%-60% of the Units Energy Consumption

Belt Adjustment: Saves 5% of the Units Energy Consumption

Thermostat Settings: Saves up to 10% per degree of the Units Energy Consumption This is only a beginning!



As a Contractor with the trade knowledge and experience, we offer many areas of Retail Staff Training. We provide on site personnel to your facility. They have the experience and skills to visit and assist your staff.

Our Training personnel will provide you with the data and knowledge on how to manage the industry or trade. We can provide labor hour standards, and material pricing standards, along with the working knowledge on how to Administrate.

Our Training personnel are able to offer key wording and requirements for Contract Preparation. We offer our RFP skills to assist in obtaining the correct pricing and Performance standards.

Our Training personnel are able to offer methods to negotiate improved services for reduced pricing, and can itemize areas which will measurably lower your contracted services. The savings can be very substantial throughout the year!

Let a Contractor who is knowledgeable, and understands Training/Consulting, help you!



Our consulting services team will seek opportunities to extend equipment life. During your stores initial PM Service; we will gather all new equipment information manufacturers' make, model, serial, tonnage, voltage, etc., along with an extensive current condition report. We will input this data into an operating computer model to project the current equipment life. We will then calculate and extended life projection through our PM Program. The extended period will establish a percentage and be made a part of our overview.

Our consulting services team awaits you. We are trained, prepared, and ready to work with you to better understand current operating performances, trends, and goal. We will work with you to identify objectives, which are measurable, and then monitor and gather the data to provide the results. Let us make the time and utilize our taskforce to generate the management overview in so many areas of opportunity!



We recommend to our new customers that we make available our company experienced employee to reside at "your" facility during initial commencement. All they need is a desk and internet access!

This person will provide the glue and reference to ensure all programs are implemented and understood. We can start the program running! You will have first hand access to monitor and learn our dispatching process. We will provide all dispatching from your location during commencement. You will be able to oversee that our network is in place. You will be able to communicate your expectations and observe the process through completion. We will be able to provide the training for website monitoring. Wr will be able to implement new ideas and integrate the activities between our respective companies. We can foster a Team Spirit and collective awareness of how to administrate the many tasks within our industry.

With our staff on site, we can create the right training environment to utilize the many operating capabilities within our system. We can immediately ramp-up and deliver your expectations.

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