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California is operated through several utility companies offering incentives or rebates for controlling and/or reducing energy consumption. many of their incentives are directly related to providing and recording Preventive Maintenance Servicing.

PG&E - Northern California offers Incentives for HVAC Coil Cleaning. The Retailer must sign up directly, and will receive a cash incentive for Cleaning the Condenser & Evaporative Coils. This is a great way to recover the expense for an Annual cleaning!

The funds are limited. New funds will be available every January 1st.

Here is the link to sign up http://www.pge.com/mybusiness/energysavingsrebates/rebatesincentives/vendorsponsor
Please let us know if enrolled. We will complete the proper reporting for your incentives.

Southern California Edison - S. California currently does not offer HAVAC Cleaning incentives, as we know.
Here is their link www.sce.com

San Diego Gas & Electric - San Diego currently does not offer HVAC Cleaning incentives.
Here is their link www.smud.org

SMUD - Sacramento currently does not offer Cleaning incentives.
Here is their link www.smud.org

At this time, PG&E provides Coil Cleaning Incentives and we would like to partner with you in achieving their offer in offsetting your annual expense in the Spring. Contact us so we may help you.