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Essential Retail Services - Call Center

Our Call Center is a State-Of-The-Art Facility, open 24 hours, 7 days a week. We employ Technically trained personnel to handle your Service Requests, your inquiries, and to "technically" deliver the correct communication.

Service Requests can be phoned, faxed, or emailed. We will immediately acknowledge the ETA to both yourself, and your "MOD" Manager on Duty. Response Time to your store is usually 2-4 hours. Emergency or "priority" response times will vary depending on customer criteria for their store needs, and they are handled within the escalated levels to meet your expectations.

Our System Software has been articulately designed to provide our Call Center Team immediate access to the facility information, equipment, prior history, warranty, status, open projects, and much more during the scheduling of our technician.


Our Call Center knows all your Administrative requirements at the time of your service request. Items like Purchase Order Numbers or Authorized Limits, IVR Check In-Out, Status Reporting, Completion Time, Access Requirements, Equipment and Condition, Last PM Date, Open Quotes, and your other Comments are all reviewed and passed on to the Technician prior to arrival.

Our Interactive Website allows you a private Login and Password for software access to review On-Call Tracking, Maintenance Scheduling, Projects & Proposals, History, Reporting, and much more.

Our Call Center understands Immediate Service with Immediate Communication!