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Essential Retail Services - Service Affiliate Network

We pride ourselves on a network of Field Technicians local to each of your locations. Our Service Affiliates have been strategically established to ensure complete and local geographical coverage.



Our National Agreement ensures the commitments made between Essential Retail Services and our Customers are fulfilled by each of our Service Affiliates, and that they are contractually committed to you and us. The procedures are identified to ensure the same program continuity as established with our customers.

A certificate of insurance is procured and maintained for each Service Affiliate. An updated status is maintained for continual compliance through our many years ahead.

Essential Retail Services provides for independent contractor coverage within our General Liability Policy. Our insurance policy provides the Customer (YOU) with a single Blanket Insurance Policy. Your protection is achieved without the requirement to review each of the many geographical policies or having to repeat the process on an annual basis.


Our network of many Service Affiliates ensures "local" service. This local presence provides quicker response time, with minimal delay in travel. Dispatch requests made at the end of the day "can often be completed" on the same day! The technician resides local to your store and is not dispatched from miles away.


Local service ensures minimal outside travel time. Service to Redding, California, is from Redding, not from Sacramento three hours away.

Local service eliminates costly travel time normally invoiced by a contractor who initiates service from a distant office, or from across a state.

Further, local service means local "pride of workmanship". If the contractor resides locally, he may shop at the store, and/or has greater interest in keeping the customer happy in his local community.

A local contractor has local inventory. No added delay or costs are incurred to procure a part or to travel a great distance to go back and forth from a remote office.


Each Service Affiliate has an established Labor Rate under their contract with Essential Retail Services. The Labor Rate is negotiated and reduced through our discussion of many factors. The primary factors influencing the ability for us to provide a reduced Labor Rate include contractor-to-contractor understandings, as only a contractor can negotiate, along with providing the volume of multiple facilities for service.


As only a Contractor can do, we purchase the same parts as do our Subcontractors for our own employed field force. We know the actual costs and availability to effectively manage our Subcontractors costing and performance. We know the" expectations", and we hold our Subcontractors to them.


By allowing the "experts" who participate daily in the industry to administer work performance, you will receive the right technical expertise to manage a very dynamic and extensive network of field technicians.