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Essential Retail Services - Vendor Procurement

Essential Retail Services has a network of Service Affiliates under our Agreement to ensure immediate response, with local representation, with local inventory, and with a local pride of workmanship, anywhere within 30 miles of your store!

We take pride in reviewing each Vendor, our Service Affiliates, in meeting the standards expected by us. As a contractor, we use technical measures to evaluate their abilities and strengths to meet the demands within our industry, and to provide a uniform relationship within our retail agreements.

Our Service Affiliates execute an Agreement with us to commit to the many standards and practices required within our industry, and to provide a uniform relationship within our Retail Agreements.

Our Service Affiliates must provide us with a copy of the General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Vehicle Insurance Certificates, which we manage, and provide file retention.

We believe that through effective Vendor Review during the acquisition period, along with effective Administration in our Agreement contracting, and monitoring field performance and adherence to our policies, provides us with a strong commitment from each Service Affiliate.

We provide prompt payment to our Service Affiliates in many small regions and areas where cash is the normal terms. We obtain local service thru our prompt payment plan to ensure local service is available.

We obtain "local representation" and eliminate statewide vendors who misrepresent local availability. Obtaining "local companies" provides a "local labor pool" to deliver a technician when the emergency condition demands it!