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Essential Retail Services - Interactive Website

A Single Communication Platform

You may receive a personal website address with your own private password for access! The website is interactive and provides live communication from the field to the website including:

  1. On Call Work Order Status
  2. Project Status
  3. Proposal & Quotation Status
  4. Store Equipment Lists and Condition
  5. IVR Status is provided in Real Time
The website can also provide Reports
  1. Status of PM completion, by store
  2. Open & Closed Service Calls Listed by date, or by store
  3. You no longer have to wait for an invoice to validate service completion
Service History Reporting
  1. Service History, by store
  2. Warranty Information
  3. Expenditure Reports
  4. Copy of the signed field report
IVR System - Logs actual time of arrival and departure. You know "when the technician has arrived, as they arrive!" They dial our Toll Free number upon arrival and upon leaving and press "1" for arrival, and "2" for leaving. The call is automatically uploaded to our website.