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Essential Retail Services - Dispatch System

We proudly present our SERVICE DISPATCH SYSTEM, designed specifically for the service industry. Being responsive to the customer's needs has become our competitive edge. Our software network provides us with immediate access and response for daily inquiries. Your Call Requests, Status, Quotes, History, Equipment Information, Warranty, and Job Specifications are permanently retained and made available to our call center team.

Computerized Service Dispatching, Contract Management, Accounting, IVR and work order inputting, and On-going Historical Referencing are a few of the many Software Capabilities ensuring service promptness and accuracy. Essential Retail Services proudly offers the best in administrative capabilities.

Computerized Service
The System allows our Dispatcher to quickly review all Open Work Orders. Reviews of the work order status is immediately available. All open proposals are available for viewing, access, and approval.

Our Computerized Service Dispatch System tracks all service requests from the moment the customers' request is received. Upon entry of the customer number, the system logs the date and, time and brings to the screen the customer billing and job site information, the assigned Technician, scope of the last service, date and type of last service, date of last Preventive Maintenance, our Contact Person, and many other Jobsite Notes.

Our system identifies your equipment by Unit Number, Manufacturer, Model and Serial Numbers, Capacity, Age, Equipment. Condition, Warranty and any other specific Notes.

A complete Service History is maintained for each jobsite. A Summary of all Work Orders can be brought to the screen for review at any time.

Computerized Warranty Assurance
A detailed summary of any work order can be easily accessed for your review. Possible warranty or Callbacks are "flagged" onto the work order for billing review.